Camping "Ozianna"

Camping "Ozianna" is located in Daugavpils region between Daugavpils and Krāslava on "Daugavas loki" nature park's territory. Camping is located in a picturesque place, on the Daugava river bank - near Rozališķu bend which is one of eight ancient river valley's bends. This bend was represented on the 10 Ls banknote. Along the camping territory goes historical road Riga - Moscow.

It is possible to stay for a night in camping houses or in a tent on the tent site. Camping offers an excellent rest and an opportunity to enjoy the charm of untouchable nature. It is possible to combine the rest in the camping with the most popular local tourist attractions: the ruins of Dinaburg castle and castle path, the village of old believers - Slutišķi, Markova cognitive path, observation tower in Vasargelišķi or in Lazdukalni (on the opposite Daugava river bank). It is possible to float by boat, go fishing or ride a bicycle. Along the camping is a velo route Naujene-Krāslava which matches the most "Daugavas loki" nature park's beautiful places - it is a good find for those who like to ride a bicycle.

Camping's location allows to access Daugavpils or Krāslava easily and spend some time there.

Camping offers:
-comfortable rest in camping houses on the Daugava river bank; kitchen, WC and shower are available in the next -standing building;
-tent sites;
-trailer sites;
-sport pitch;
-rest in an arbour;
-bicycle rental;
-boat rental;
-fishing opportunities;
-places for fire;
-grill, bowl and pot for preparing food on open fire rental;

Additional information:
Banquet hall (up to 40 persons) and accommodation are offered in a new tavern which is located next to the local history museum of Naujene (Skolas street 1, Naujene, Naujene parish).

Tavern is located in Naujene, on the Dugavpils-Krāslava road, in 15 km from Daugavpils. Next to the tavern is a park with a pond which is good for walks. It is possible to stay for a night in 4 tavern's rooms.
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Dilevici, Naujene parish, Daugavpils nov.
Phones: +371 29182474
55°54'41.6" N, 26°47'53.4" E

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