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The first in Latgale wakepark is open in Rugeli reservoir. This wakepark is for both experienced riders and novices and simply vacationers.

The newly created track features one kicker. There is the opportunity to rent SUP boards. You can easily glide across the surface of water and also hold competitions for speed.

There is possibility to rent an aquaskipper. This is the fastest water vehicle that converts the power generated by your up-and-down motion to let you fly high above the water’s surface. This is an opportunity to train your muscles in a very attractive way.

There is an attraction that is sure to impress people with a good sense of humor and children – rolling over the surface in the water ball or zorb.
You can spend your time jumping on the trampoline, playing ball or simply sunbathing on the shore.

Rugeli reservoir is an artificial water basin that was created in preparation for the construction of the Daugavpils hydroelectric power station. It is located 4 km from the center of Daugavpils and is a popular recreation spot. The area of water surface is 14.3 hectares, maximum depth – 12 meters. This water basin is home to roach, pike, perch, bream, silver bream, tench, rudd, crucian carp and also crayfish and this means that the water is very clean. The color of Rugeli reservoir changes depending on the weather – from aquamarine color to lead gray.

Happy Set (10 minute ride including wakeboard boat rental) – 10 EUR
Wakeboarding 30 minutes – 20 EUR
Wakeboarding 60 minutes – 30 EUR
Wakeboard boat rental 1 hour – 5 EUR
Wakeboard boat rental 30 minutes – 3 EUR
Wetsuit rental 1 hour – 5 EUR
Wetsuit rental 30 minutes – 3 EUR

SUP or aquaskipper 1 hour – 8 EUR
SUP or aquaskipper 30 minutes – 3 EUR
Water ball or zorb 10 minutes – 3 EUR
Trampoline 20 minutes – 3 EUR
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Rugeli reservoir, Daugavpils
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