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Active rest
"Beibuks" boat rental offers wooden raft, canoes and various inventory rental for active rest in "Daugavas Loki" nature park. "Beibuks" organizes various events and outdoor sport games with an accommodation and catering. Transportation services to the start point, informational materials, tourist maps and guide services if needed. "Beibuks" offers lodging for the night in two cottages with the bath with all facilities, tent sites, mobile bathhouse on wheels and a heated tub. The duration of rafting depends on the time of the year, water flow intensity and wind direction. The size of a raft is formed by number of people and is created from individual modules, the dimension of one module is 2x3 m and the capacity is about 300 kg. There are tables, benches, chairs, tents, grill and lifejackets on the raft. "Beibuks" offers bicycle rental, Big raft event organizing - the meeting of lovers of water tourism of Latvia.
An Internet sport equipment store is available,too:

"Beibuks" offers:
-Wooden raft rental up to 150 people;
-Canoe rental up to 100 people;
-Lodging for the night in two cottages from 10 to 35 people;
Further information:
-Heated tub;
-Mobile sauna on wheels;
-Tent sites;
-Necessary equipment for travel;
-Sport and outdoor activities with accommodation and catering;
-Transport services to the start point of travel as well as meeting at the arrival point;
-Various individual water tourism routes on the Daugava river.
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Vilusi, Naujene parish, Daugavpils nov.
Phones: +371 29493121, +371 24662655

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